Being a Worm City Metaverse NFT holder

What is it like? We’re launching today, the perfect time to sum up your benefits and abilities as a Worm City Holder. Let’s begin.

Wormshington citizens available on!

If you own a Worm City NFT, you get

  1. Exclusive whitelist for $WORM token presale stage. Up to 10 NFTs to count: the more you hold the bigger share you get. Max share for unique NFTs as well meaning you can have 1 unique Worm Citizen of 20 and get maximum benefits.
  2. Higher APY by staking NFTs for $WORM Token if you are Worm City NFT holder. The more NFTs you stake the higher APY is.
  3. Discounts on Worm Marketplace for 1–10 NFT holders per wallet (1% per NFT). Marketplace purchases will be assigned to NFT token you hold and can be transferred together with NFT at secondary sales.
  4. Free lootboxes events at Worm NFT Marketplace for wallets who hold 10+ Worm NFTs and free seasonal rewards for every Season #1 holder.
  5. Free Seasonal Pass, free monthly events for 10+ Worm NFTs holders, discounts on in-game purchases for every Worm NFT holder.
  6. $WORM token airdrop Q1'22 for every Worm NFT holder: 200 $WORM tokens per NFT, +500 $WORM per whitelisted NFT traders.
  7. Invitation to VIP Crypto Trading Discord channel with lots of signals, crypto experts and experienced traders. ONLY FOR NFT HOLDERS.
  8. 1 Season #2 WORM LAND NFT per holder. Snapshot will be taken at a random date once we finish up with Season #2 (working on it already).
  9. An opportunity to become Wormshington Mayor and get this exclusive unique NFT minted on your wallet to get all benefits available + % of sales, treasuries and market shares. Mayor is literally becoming a community investor making profits only.
Epic Worm City characters!

If you own an EPIC Worm City NFT, you get

Same benefits as normal holders plus:

  1. ×3 bonuses on Worm NFT Marketplace (TBD). For example, +3% discount per epic worm, 3 lootboxes per epic NFT and other privilegies.
  2. Epic role on Discord with closed epic holders chatroom for less than 100 EPIC Worms holders.
  3. Legendary-like rarity on your NFT Wormie. Epic attributes are ultra-rare, you know.
Legendary Worm City characters with their own unique stories and benefits!

If you own a LEGENDARY Worm City NFT, you get

  1. Hand-drawn and professionally animated Worm with its unique storylines, voicelines and bonuses coming next Seasons. For example, Doctor Penny holder will get a WORM LAND NFT with a hospital etc.
  2. Max discounts, shares and whitelist spots available.
  3. Legendary role on Discord with your own chatroom to communicate directly with team and have your voice heard on roadmap, listings and other plans.
  4. 2,000 USDT on your wallet once you minted a Legendary Worm.
  5. Legendary Worms are required to become a Mayor, the value of your Legendary Worm increases automatically by demand.

Let us remind we’re launching in ~5 hours!

Every Worm City NFT minted will be rewarded with $WORM token Airdrop! 🤑

Don’t forget to join our Discord to learn more and come back to Worm City December, 28!

Stay Long, stay Wormvelous!



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